Sharing history while making memories

Who We Are

Crafting a new
tradition for Bardstown

Scout and Scholar Brewing Company is a gathering place. A meetinghouse to share great beer and exceptional food. A spot in the heart of the city that honors its rich history and celebrates the community and traditions yet to come.

Named after the two brothers who founded the City of Bardstown, Scout & Scholar celebrates the legacy of William and David Bard and the important role Bardstown played in shaping Kentucky and American history.

From the art of storytelling, to a legacy of distilling, to our newest tradition, we continue to elevate the craft of creating here in Bardstown.

Photos courtesy of Dixie Hibbs from her publications, Bardstown: Images of America; Bardstown: Hospitality, History, and Bourbon; and Before Prohibition: Distilleries in Nelson County Kentucky.

The Scout

William Bard, the “Scout,” was a surveyor, land agent, and frontiersman, who surveyed and layed out Bardstown, Kentucky in 1780. William also drew the first lots of Louisville for the “lottery” conducted on April 24, 1779.

He pushed boundaries, explored beyond what was safe, and paved the way for a booming city to begin. 

The Scholar

David Bard, the “Scholar,” graduated from Princeton College, studied theology, and became a Presbyterian Minister. He was a scholar, a man of religion and intention.  

He hoped to bring the community of Bardstown together. Our intentions are the same.

Our Mission

We’re here to make great beer, great food, and great memories.

Like our founders, we push and we explore, while being thoughtful and intentional. The heritage and history they established here is both our foundation and inspiration for the experience we bring to you.